20.12.2024 - YUCA

Tonic Walter

Tonic Walter
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Datum 20.12.2024
Einlass 19:00
Location YUCA
Tonic Walter is an electronic music production duo from southern Germany made up ofMaximilian Nestmann and Marcel Vckov. Formerly based in Munich and Berlin, the duorealized they could find true inspiration in their hometown of Altenstadt in the Bavariancountryside. The two originally met in elementary school and started a band withother classmates where they initiated their love for music production and their long-standingfriendship. Max and Marcel soon turned to electronic music, and bonded over their love forartists like The Blaze, Bicep, and Moderat among others. Using analog synthesizers, liveinstruments and organic drum grooves, Tonic Walter creates a blend of melodic house, deephouse, and techno while retaining the organic feeling of a live band. To date, the duo has rackedup over 20m streams and over 47k creations using their sounds acrosssocial platforms resulting in more than 128m views. As the electronic community takes noticeand their fanbase continues to grow, Max and Marcel plan to travel the world and leave theirmark on electronic music.

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