08.12.2022 - YUCA

Sinead Harnett

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Sinead Harnett
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Datum 08.12.2022
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Location YUCA
Lauded UK Los Angeles-based R&B singer and songwriter Sinéad Harnett’s 2019 debut album, Lessons in Love, told the story of learning about her flaws and patterns and figuring out how not to repeat them. The LP yielded the breakout single “If You Let Me,” which has surpassed 70 million streams on Spotify alone. Her highly anticipated forthcoming sophomore album, Ready Is Always Too Late, celebrates being ready to embody the best version of yourself. In doing so, Sinéad fully acknowledges the lack of confidence and low level of self-worth of her past self in order to embrace the woman she wants to be in the present. “There’s always been this theme of ‘I’m not ready yet,’” she says. “I’ve really had to be disciplined in thinking of that little girl that was on the piano.” The album’s title is also inspired by the common trope of not feeling ready for a serious relationship. As Sinéad explains, “I just kind of thought, ‘How many times have I heard that from some fuccboi?’ Like why aren’t you ready for me now?” Through this cohesive body of work, Sinéad delivers uplifting anthems with messages around empowerment, individualism, unity, and community alongside more raw and vulnerable songs that explore how darker times of her past have affected who she is now as an artist. Sinéad’s hope is for fans to feel like they’re accompanying her on a journey of loving themselves. The album also features organic collaborations with a celebrated roster that includes EARTHGANG, Masego, VanJess, Lucky Daye, and more. Ready Is Always Too Late is serving what Sinéad describes as “good soulful comfort.”

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